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The COVID-19 Pandemic could disrupt the global efforts to advance a more sustainable and inclusive world.
Now is the time to recommit to those efforts inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals.
Changemakers everywhere are critical to translating the ambitious vision of the SDGs into reality. Global communities such as those sustained by the Global Schools Program are critical to support the collaboration, exchange of ideas, and creativity that are essential to building a better world.

– Ford Foundation Professor of the Practice of International Education,


The Global Schools Program, an initiative of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth, is launching the Teachers Advocates program to help schools develop a long-term strategy to implement Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in their curricula.

Teacher advocates program 

1,000+ schools

This program will provide support to the Global Schools network of

45,000+ teachers

in 70+ countries

850,000+ students

The Teachers Advocates Program is a continuum from the Global Schools Pledge, and aims to provide more support after schools commit to implement ESD and create a more structured mechanism of engagement within and between them.

The Teachers Advocates Program will allow Teachers to act as action planners and connectors within the school to ensure the implementation of a school-wide long-term strategy to bring the SDGs, Global Citizenship, and 21st Century Skills within school curriculums and operations.

Receive a free online training;

Receive optional monthly online workshops and conversations on the SDGs and ESD;

Teachers will

Join a network of like-minded teachers working to implement activities and lessons on global issues within their classrooms;

Participate in the forefront of efforts taken by the United Nations, governmental, and civil society in developing and leading a global movement for sustainable development.

Download the Terms of Reference here:

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Professional development

Access a free training course on the SDGs and Global Citizenship Education.

Participate in optional monthly online workshops and conversations on the SDGs, design-thinking, entrepreneurial education, and more.

Receive a certificate after the completion of the Training as well as after the completion of the program.

community of practice

Build professional and personal relationships with high-level stakeholders in civil society, business, government and the United Nations.

Work with a diverse and exceptional group of individuals and educators with a variety of cultural, religious and political backgrounds, committed to sustainable development.

Join a community of 45,000 like-minded teachers in 1,000 schools working to implement activities and lessons on global issues within their classrooms.

Join the Global Schools Program Educators forum to discuss activities and action plans with teachers in 70 countries around the world.

Connect with 850,000 students in classrooms globally.

Making an impact 

Act as a leader in your community and help your school establish a long term plan for implementing global citizenship education, including on topics related to climate change, social justice and inequality, sustainability, gender and society, and more.

Ability to serve as a Mentor for future cohorts.

Ability to be at the forefront of efforts taken by the United Nations, governmental and civil society in developing and leading a global movement for sustainable development.

Have a positive impact on your school community and the lives of your students, helping them become more globally minded citizens.

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Be employed at any primary or secondary school worldwide, including those outside of the current Global Schools Program network.

Teachers working through fellowship programs at primary and secondary schools (ie Fulbright, Teach for America, UN Volunteers, Peace Corps) are eligible.

Teachers employed at Teacher training colleges, universities, or post-secondary institutions are not eligible.

Possess a high-level of English to complete the Teachers Advocates Training and use the English lesson plans and resources.

Commit at least 5 hours per week for this role.

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