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Green Skills
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Educating high-schoolers on green economies, sustainable lifestyles, and green jobs
Using digital tools to promote climate literacy and support the next generation with incresed knowledge and skills to build a greener and more sustainable future 
Green Roofs

High-school students need the knowledge, skills, and values needed to succeed in a more sustainable world. The number of green jobs is growing significantly, and the ILO’s 2022 “Global Employment Trends for Youth” Report asserts that the creation of green jobs for youth requires complementary policies and initiatives. These include the development of vocational and technical skills via new training modules and curricula relevant to green occupations, as well as using technology to improve training delivery, facilitate access to young people, and reduce the skills gap.

The Project

Today, young people face critical challenges, such as unemployment, displacement, climate change, and inequality; all of these challenges can disrupt learning. It is crucial to provide more training opportunities for the next generation to increase their knowledge and skills to build a greener and sustainable future, as well as succeed in a green economy. Therefore, ZNotes and Global Schools, UN SDSN are partnering to develop a self-directed training program for youth by youth on green skills,  targeting key knowledge that will be needed for future jobs such as critical thinking; collaboration; conflict resolution; and problem-solving.


The Course

The curriculum not only focuses on topics such as the green economy, sustainable lifestyles, and green jobs, but also look at what industries will need green skills in the future, such as renewable energy, tourism, transportation, agriculture, construction, and more. These modules cover the SDGs through a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, increasing students’ content knowledge so that they can engage with pressing sustainable development challenges in their local community.

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Green Roofs
Access courses for secondary students

Course 1

Green Skills & The Economy

Course 2

Green Education, Skills, and Employability

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"More than 60% of the youth population, or 830 million, will lack the basic skills that will be required in 2030" (UNICEF, PwC and Generation Unlimited, 2022).


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