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Mentor Advocates are exceptional educators and leaders that have a proven track record working with schools and teachers to educate children on the SDGs. They serve as official spokespersons for the Global Schools Program.


After going through a selection process, a training program, and the Advocates Program, Mentor Advocates are fully equipped with the knowledge of SDGs and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). They help transform learning environments, mobilize young people around the SDGs, and provide expertise to current Advocates working in communities globally.


Harun Momanyi is a youth empowerment expert, a socioeconomic development journalist and an entrepreneur. He is passionate about the SDGs. Originally from Kenya, Harun currently works as the Head of Kenya with Reform Africa Group, a Pan-African organisation focusing on creating solutions to help youth realize meaningful employment and tackle life challenges better. 

IN 2014, he was finalist in the Haller Prize for Development Journalism, became an ambassador for the NUHA Foundation Global Blogging Prize in 2015, a Forbes 30 Under 30 nominee in 2018 and was shortlisted for the BBC World News Service Komla Dumor Award in 2018.

Harun Momanyi

Victor is an Engineer and a problem solver. He is passionate about education and poverty eradication. Victor currently works as Cofounder and facilitator of Tech the girl Child Africa (TGC) an outreach program that seeks to engage over 10,000 girl child, especially in Africa with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).  
Victor is also serving as Director of sales and marketing at Mingcart, a company he cofounded in 2016 to unify Africa through culture and traditions.  
Victor has received a number of prestigious National Merit Scholarship awards for his dedication to education. He hopes see everyone educated someday.

Victor Musa

Felix is currently a National Youth Service Corp member serving his country, Nigeria at Ministry of Works, Uyo, Akwa Ibom. He graduated from Swansea University, with a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2014 and went on to complete a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering in 2017. Felix developed a strong devotion to Youth Empowerment and giving back to his Community during his time at Swansea University from various leadership roles e.g. Sports Officer and Trustee of Swansea University Students’ Union, Treasurer of 2 societies etc. These experiences gave him an appreciation of how initiatives can significantly impact people’s lives.

Felix Mmeka
Port Harcourt,


After graduating with a BA in Economics and English, Amanda worked for the Chilean Ministry of Education as an English teacher in Chile. While there, she volunteered for an urban development NGO that was carrying out 24 community projects and helped draft Frutillar, Chile’s successful application to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. During her career, she has worked with international youth on educational programs sponsored by the British Council and the U.S. Department of State. She is a former White House intern and an incoming Fulbright Scholar.

Kimberly Anderson is currently attending California State University, San Marcos majoring in Environmental Studies. In 2016 became the founder and president of the Ocean Conservation Club and in 2017 was elected the Student at Large for Sustainability for the Associated Students Board of Directors. She has been recognized for her achievements through the Tukwut Leadership Awards as CSUSM's most outstanding freshman. Anderson is a proud advocate for climate justice as a Climate Reality Leader and for the sustainable development goals as a global schools ambassador for the United Nations Sustainable Solutions Network Youth Initiative.

Amanda Abrom
United States

17-year-old Jesse Anderson is the founder and CEO of the award-winning News for Young Advocates Today (NYAtoday), a by youth, for youth news site that aims to engage, excite, and educate youth about issues in the political sphere, and works to involve teens in politics and activism. Jesse is currently creating a global non-profit that gives comprehensive sexual education to women in countries with high rates of domestic violence. Her unwavering passion toward ending injustice remains at the “center of her identity.”

Jesse Anderson
United States

Rory Mondshein is the Founder and CEO of the mobile application, Make It Appn, which centralises social services and allows users to book homeless shelters for those in need. A community activist, part-time journalist and member of IAPSS’ research committee, Rory’s research interests include: the economics of exclusion as a case for Human Rights, comparative public policy, technology and human rights, and political communication. Rory’s work has been featured all over the world. She holds her BA in Political Science from Bard College and an Msc in Human Rights from the London School of Economics.

Rory Mondshein
New York,
United States

Molly Paul is an entrepreneur, researcher, and change maker studying chemistry, geology, and biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as a Chancellor’s Science Scholar. She is curious about the natural world and passionate about bridging the gap between science, policy, and the public. She has conducted research in chemistry and molecular biology. Molly is now working in an isotope geochemistry and geochronology lab with Dr. Drew Coleman.

Molly Paul
Chapel Hill,
United States

Amruta has been passionate about solving environmental issues since a young age. She has a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Clemson University, USA and bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from R V College of Engineering, India. She has been involved with United Nations (UN) Youth Assembly as a delegate, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs as a volunteer, Greenpeace as a volunteer leader, Toastmasters International as the secretary, Rotaract RVCE as the board of director, and, Climate Reality project. She aspires to leave a legacy behind by bridging technology, innovation, psychology, policies and economy to save the deteriorating planet.

Amruta Pujari
United States

SouthEast Asia

Lian advocates for inclusive education and development. She is a Davao native and currently works with a local organization for the conservation of indigenous culture and natural biodiversity. Her masters dissertation on ICT integration in rural public schools was recently published in an international peer reviewed multidisciplinary research journal. She has also presented in the ASEAN Academic Forum in Tokyo. She was a delegate to the 2017 Summer Youth Assembly at the United Nations, which paved way for her affiliation with Global Young Voices and Global Youth Mentorship Initiative.

Lian Sabella Castillo
Davao City,

Bernard is a youth advocate and expert on social development. He is passionate about social and political rights, critical thinking, and blockchain technology. Based in Singapore, Bernard works as a Financial Adviser for High Net Worth Professionals and Business Experts at an investment & insurance company, and collaborates with cryptocurrency startups. Bernard also serves as a Young Leader Fellow at Women Deliver, a 6 Degrees / Institute of Canadian Citizenship Junior Fellow, and has represented Singapore in many official high-level conferences abroad. He was recognized by past Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong as a Young Community Leader awardee in 2010 and 2013.

Bernard Lim

South Asia

Hafiz M. Abd-ur-Rehman is a researcher by profession with the aim of engraving his name in the list of people who strive for the sustainable development in remote communities. With a strong faith in interdisciplinary research environment, he is involved in various ambitious projects that intend to deliver sustainable solutions to improve the food-energy-water nexus in remote communities. Serving as a lecturer and early stage researcher in his home country Pakistan, the quest to alleviate the apprehensions of the existing and approaching fresh water crisis is the central focus of his research.

Hafiz M. Abd-ur-Rehman

"Varsha Bhambhani is passionate about the science of nurturing young minds. She has co-founded School of Accelerated Learning, building hybrid learning spaces powered by a proprietary behaviour engineering tech platfor. She has headed Pehlay Akshar, an initiative for educating underserved Indian youth by RPG Foundation.  
As a volunteer teacher at Haji Public School, Kashmir and a Coach at RN Podar School, Mumbai she has understood the sector across the socio-economic spectrum. She is an alumnus of Google Teacher Academy and Foothill College, California and a contributor to Indian education publications. Additionally, Microsoft Ed Worldwide has felicitated her work on education for entrepreneurship."

Varsha Bhambhani

Rahul is a resourceful, self-motivated and results-driven development professional armed with an experience of 6 years in NGO sector. He is the Vice President of ALFA Educational Society, which is a grassroots level organization in rural India where he joined as an Intern in 2012. His passion and dedication to harnessing the full potential of youth’s energy keep him charged all the time. A gold medalist in Masters, he has extremely good interpersonal, strategic planning, management and mentoring skills. He is an excellent team worker and has an outstanding ability to remain good-humoured and unflappable under pressure.

Rahul Dubey

Aditya is a youth advocate and an inclusion expert. Aditya is a humanist and a global citizen; believing in global peace and prosperity beyond the horizon of national boundaries. An avid follower of global goals; considering them as lifestyle goals.  
Aditya also serves as the UNESCO Youth Leader for ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) and is dedicated to research and formulating local action plans for connecting historical wisdom and knowledge towards planning for the sustainable future.  
Aditya is passionate about arts, architecture, culture and cuisines; always on a look-out to find a connection between common wisdom and sustainable lifestyle practices.

Aditya Kaudan

Zitin is a sustainability and corporate responsibility professional. She has worked with multinationals and Fortune 500 companies to strategize, execute and communicate their sustainability and corporate responsibility initiatives. Originally from Mumbai, India, she has completed a Master's degree in Development Economics from School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS), University of London. She is a SOAS Masters Scholar and a J.N. Tata Scholar for pursuing her higher education. Zitin is involved in voluntary projects in the area of youth mentoring and waste management. Zitin enjoys travelling, engaging in artwork and playing the Ukulele in her spare time.

Zitin Munshi

Nurul Hasnat Ove is a youth advocacy and leadership development expert and a champion of youth inclusion, Gender Equality, and Climate Change. Mr.Hasnat is also passionate about Sustainable Development Golas Creativity & Heritage protection. Originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Mr.Hasnat currently works as "President " at the "Leadership Development Association Bangladesh ".Mr.Ove is also serving as the "President" of "World Merit Bangladesh" and has been recognized by many national and international awards and fellowship.

Nurul Hasnat Ove

Bhupindar is an avid sustainability architect for Youth inclusion. With roots in India, he's passionate for Environment sustainability, Digital disruption and Policy interlink. At UNESCO MGIEP, he conceptualized a mobile application for Youth that earned him capability to think-out-of-box, conducted nationwide youth survey for revision in National Education Policy. As Researcher to UNESCO IFIP, he explores ICT role in Sustainability education and Peacebuilding for cognitive disruption. Being Deputy Director to EUCLID, he coordinates with online course curriculum on sustainability. Previously designed programmes at Ministry think-tank for Corporate capacity building on Low Carbon. Singh hold's Financial Management Master's from Durham University.

Bhupindar Singh
New Delhi,

Prajna Cauvery serves as the Program Director of Sustainability Initiatives at Anaadi Foundation, a social organisation dedicated to inspiring young people lead a self-reliant and sustainable life. She is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering Graduate with Distinction from Amrita University. She co-leads several initiatives on education, rural development and sustainability. She actively connects with educational institutions to create awareness about the SDGs and indigenous solutions. She is also the Head of Learning and Development Division at EduSeva Technologies, where technology enabled education for girls has become her key area of work.

Prajna Cauvery Kotera Pooviah

Sanju Soman is a social entrepreneur and Sustainability expert with a master’s degree in Climate Change and Sustainability Studies. He currently is Senior Program Officer at Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment. He is also Co-founder of Sustera Foundation ([]( which works on Climate Change action and research. He also runs a social enterprise named Bhava ( which works on developing eco-friendly alternatives for daily use plastic products for which the manufacturing is being done by Woman from rural regions. He is an ardent cyclist and photographer with a keen interest in design and innovation.

Sanju Soman



After graduating with a BA in Economics and English, Amanda worked for the Chilean Ministry of Education as an English teacher in Chile. While there, she volunteered for an urban development NGO that was carrying out 24 community projects and helped draft Frutillar, Chile’s successful application to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. During her career, she has worked with international youth on educational programs sponsored by the British Council and the U.S. Department of State. She is a former White House intern and an incoming Fulbright Scholar.

Name, Title
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
United States

Ian is currently a second year Master's student majoring in Public Health Epidemiology at Karolinska Institutet. Ian has strong passion on promoting SDGs and global health. Originally from Macau, Ian also works as a digital ambassador of the Swedish Institute and has also served as an Events Manager of the Swedish Organization for Global Heath.

Weng Ian Che


Julia Barnes

Julia is an environmental scientist and educator with a background in sustainability consulting, catchment management and program design. She loves creating opportunities for people of all ages to connect with nature, recognise why the environment is important to them personally and feel empowered to act in their own way to protect and look after our world. She is excited to be a part of the Global Schools Program to foster local action in regards to the UN Sustainability Development Goals, and celebrate the amazing number of people who are acting to make the world a better place every day.

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