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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela

Why should teachers teach the SDGs?

Because the world needs tomorrow’s leaders and citizens to be educated about the challenges it faces.

Teachers are shaping the minds of the future decision-makers, voters, consumers and citizens.

As such, they have the power and unique responsibility to provide the knowledge and necessary skills for the next generation to tackle the big challenges of their time.

Because the SDGs are a great tool to introduce students to local and global issues.

Students rely on teachers to design their learning experience and it is teachers’ responsibility help them develop their own insights into the main world issues. Using the SDG framework enables teachers to bring these issues in the classroom and start important conversations about gender equality, access to basic care, education, protection of the planet…

Integrated into lesson plans and used as a framework for collaborative projects, the SDGs give students opportunities reflect on issues bigger than themselves and on the role they want to take as they are preparing to become global citizens.

Because teachers are uniquely placed to inspire students to make a difference in their community.

Teachers are at the centre of communities and, equipped with their intrinsic understanding of educational practices, they can bring transformational changes in students’ ways of thinking and inspire them to start acting and make a difference in their own community.  

Teachers are also in a unique position to inspire students to lead sustainable lifestyles and choose career paths that will enable them to solve some of these global challenges.

SDG Wheel_Transparent.png

Because the world needs the youth to be on-board to achieve the SDGs.

Young people are idealistic.

Young people are creative.

Young people are in big numbers.

And as such, they have an incredible potential to be the driver of the change the world’s needs to achieve every single sustainable development goals.

Because teaching the SDGs means joining a worldwide unstoppable movement and a vibrant community.

All around the world teachers are leading the sustainable development effort by integrating the SDGs into classrooms and creating lesson plans, activities and projects aligned with the SDGs, becoming change-makers on the ground and inspiring governments to take actions. Teaching the SDGs isn’t just about implementing change in one class, school or community, it is about entering a vibrant community of educators that exchange ideas and best practices across borders, using the SDGs as a common framework to set the new standards in education

How to get started with the SDGs?


Start educating yourself about the SDGs with engaging online courses. The SDG Academy provides practical guidance and examples, approaches and methodologies globally to promote Education for Sustainable Development.


Integrate SDGs into your classroom through curated curriculums and lessons.

Use the SDG framework as the basis for student co-curricular lessons and activities 


Access additional fun resources including TED talks, games, comics, reports, videos and more.

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