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Systems Change

Global Schools Advocates and the leadership team are engaged in multiple projects that promote transformative education for primary and secondary school students.

Curriculum Reform in Austria

Global Schools Advocate and Mentor, Marti Hendrichs, participated in the Austrian Green Label general meeting and is now creating a template to integrate SDGs that will be used by all Austrian Green Schools. She was also invited by the Ministry of Education to be part of an expert group that creates the STEM curriculum for middle and secondary schools in Austria. During the working group discussions, she presented her Global Schools Advocacy, and all experts agreed to integrate sustainable development into the new STEM curriculum for a middle and secondary schools in Austria. This curriculum is currently being tested by some schools and will be adjusted before its complete integration for the school year 2022-2023.

Integrating ESD Into
Australian Teacher Training


Global Schools Advocate, Geoff Holt, submitted a proposal to

Climate Action Curriculum Development in Manitoba, Canada

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-13.png

Global Schools Advocate, Amanda Tetrault, is leading a team of nine teachers in the development of a unit on SDG 13: Climate Action. The team has received funding from the Manitoba province to develop a Climate Action unit connected to SDG 13. They will work with all of our science teachers (across both English and French tracks), local agencies such as Green Action Centre of Manitoba, Climate Action Network, students on the Climate Action Team, and parent volunteers when available. The goal is to develop a grade 7 unit within the science curriculum and then move on to grade 8 to tackle deeper ideas with a focus on inquiry. 

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